Enterprise business architecture is essential for a complex organization to function seamlessly and efficiently. Complex business change management will be much easier with a well documented and accepted business process. Additionally, business processes coupled with business intelligence will create a powerful framework for continuous improvement. Robotic process automation, Hyper Automation and automatic process mining are some of the modern ways of taking business process maturity to the next level. Truvs experts have decades of proven expertise in Business Process Modernization.


BusinessProcessArchitecture(Design &Development) ModernProcess andTask Mining RoboticProcessAutomation Hyper-Automation ContinuousProcessImprovement

Customer Benefits

  • E2E business processes need to be delivered at high quality
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Enriched Business Process Maturity

TruVs Differentiators

Deep Expertise

  • Business Process Architects
  • Business Process Analysts
  • RPA & Hyper Automation experts

World Class Methodologies

  • Proven frameworks
  • Reusable components
  • Easily Trainable processes

RPA, Hyper Automation and BI

  • Combination of the above will help maximize the ROI on Process investments

Automated Process and Task mining

  • Significant tangible improvements rapidly

Methodologies and Frameworks



Zachman framework

eTOM framework

Six Sigma

Point of View

Business Process Modernization is not a nice-to-have capability but a must-have function in any modern organization. There have been drastic improvements in business process recently, both in technology and in processes. In technology, RPA and Hyper Automation stand out because, through RPA, business processes can be faster and better. Moreover, wait times can be eliminated. Through AI an ML, RPA can be used in very tricky situations. Automated Task and Process mining will help organizations unearth inefficiencies in their business processes. Combining BI with business process measurement and improvement gives immense power to organizations to continuously improve their business processes.

TruVs has the depth and breadth of RPA expertise and can help you starting from trainings to implementation in the world of RPA.

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Success Story

Business Situation:
A top software giant’s major division had a complex ecosystem. The customer needed a way to create different types of complex "deals" in their ecosystem for business validation testing. Data required to be set up in almost 50 screens before business users could start their testing. This was time taking, tedious, and needed expertise on the 50+ screens.

TruVs RPA architects designed a "chatbot" invoked RPA implementation. Users seamlessly interacted with the "Chatbot" for their needs and the RPA Bot sets up the complex "deal" based on the configuration choices collected from the chatbot.

Insulated business users from the complexity of data preparation in a set of systems that had 50+ screens. Additionally, the solution had the following benefits.

24X7 availability
~50% improvement in Velocity
100% Accuracy